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  1. 「2006 國際珠寶設計創意大賽」 打造國際平臺 展現珠寶非凡

  2. 標誌汽車Peugeot Design Contest 2007 (6/10/2006~4/12/2006)
    第4屆 Peugeot 設計大賽開始,設計未來汽車。

  3. 無印良品設計競賽muji award-international design competition
    Muji is launching an international design competition. A project calling for entries from all over the world of designs that shake up and stir people. The results will be announced at the Milan Salone. Our first theme is SUMI, We're asking you to focus your design, not on the major pieces that are...

  4. 香港知專LOGO設計競賽

  5. 2007 Braun Prize
    BraunPrize 2007邀請在學的年輕工業設計學生與畢業後兩年內的年輕設計師們參加。

  6. Award 2007. INDEX : Award 2007

  7. IDEA 2007 Call for Entries
    The International Design Excellence Awards program is the premier international competition honoring design excellence in products, ecodesign, interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts.

    Entries are invited from designers, students and companies worldwide.


  8. iF concept award communication 2006 students only!
    The "iF concept award communication" competition is a component of the iF concept awards and is geared to students of all design disciplines from across the globe.
    The iF concept award offers students a chance to present their ideas and concepts to a wider audience - the design community as well...

  9. Red Dot Award : Product Design 2007 (19/1/2007)
    Once again the red dot award: product design goes on its annual search for good design, this year for the 53rd time.

    Designers and entrepreneurs from all around the world are invited to submit their products and to face the competition in order to compare their achievements on an internation...

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